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Leuco Fight Capsule

(Code : KI00001047 ) In Stock


A Herbal remedy for the health of female reproductive organs.

Kalpamrit's Leucofight controls the pH and flora of the vagina. Potent with ayurvedic herbs, it reduces bacterial and fungal infections. It is beneficial in the treatment and management of menorrhagia as it stops excessive bleeding and establishes hormonal balance in the body. Kalpamrit's Leucofight relieves stress and calms the mind, and is helpful for a healthy menstruation cycle. It nourishes the ovum and also helps build immunity in the system. Known to purify the blood and eliminate toxins from the body, it proves beneficial for a healthy skin and enhanced complexion. It is also known to treat irritations and burning sensations of the skin. Highly recommended for lactating mothers, it boosts the quantity and quality of breast milk. Kalpamrit's Leucofight is a herbal potion to manage gynecological issues.

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