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(Code : KI00001075 ) In Stock


a. It lightens stress and improves the feeling of wellbeing.
b. It raises mood and relaxes muscles of scalp.
c. It improves hair health.
d. It increases growth of hair.
e. Strengthens the hair root and prevent hair loss.
f. Gain blood circulation to scalp and slows down immature aging.
Ayurvedic physicians opine that Amla, Bhringaraj and Brahmi slow down aging process and act as antiaging herbs. Herbal Hair Oilcontains these antiaging herbs processed in pure coconut oil.
Since Kalpamrit Hair Oil consist of neem a power full herbal antimicrobial, it prevents formation of dandruff and acts as antidandruff agent.
Say good bye to sleepless nights. This oil improves sleep and is a best remedy for insomnia.
Pure coconut oil is the base oil for Kalpamrit hair oil.
How to use : Message your hair with Kalpamrit hair oil before going to sleep. Wash it while bathing in the morning.

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