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(Code : KI00001081 ) In Stock


A Natural Immunity boost with the extract of five rare types of basil plants.

Kalpmarit's Tulsi Panchamrit fights all types of allergies. Owing to its antibacterial and antiviral properties. Effective in providing relief from cold and cough, it is also known to protect from dengue, malaria and swine flu. The pure herbs in Kalpamrit's Tulsi Panchamrit empower the body to protect, fight, cure and heal. It works as a natural purifying agent, when added to water. With ample antioxidants, the solution is potent with antiseptic, antiageing and antiinflammatory properties. The traditional ayurvedic mixture of basil herbs fights cold, flu, sore throat and other respiratory issues and also works as an immunity booster and reduces stress with daily intake. Kalpamrit's Tulsi Panchamrit is the all new natural way to keep the body strong, mind calm and wellbeing intact.

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