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&bull Say bye to the joint pains The hectic work style that we lead often causes us to feel fatigued.  Joint pains and body aches ard common and most of us are ready to ignore the signals that our body is sending out to us to slow down and take some rest. Instead we choose to pop that pill that alleviates the pains and gives us the temporary relief.  Not only are we making the body immune to the medicines but we are also hampering with the resistance of the body and inviting a plethora of side effects that will not be beneficial in the long run.
&bull Safe for the pregnant women Herbal teas that have been infused with the goodness of ginger, peppermint or lemon are the perfect options to combat nausea that most pregnant women need to deal with! These herbal teas not only aid combating the morning sickness, but also help with other health issues like sleeplessness, fatigue, mood swings and body swelling that are common symptoms of pregnancy.
&bull Excellent option to reduce weight A variety of herbal teas is known to reduce cholesterol and keep it in check and help you to reduce weight. Herbal teas that are infused with lemon and cinnamon and even the regular green teas are known to improve the blood circulation and help in reducing the calories by burning the excess fat.
&bull Sleep well Last but not the least, herbal teas are known to relax and calm the mind that aids in promoting a fitful sleep. Since these are relaxing and help to reduce the body pains and spasms, it is beneficial for your body. There is so much healthy living that you can choose to promote with a cup of herbal tea.
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