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Kalpamrit Marketing Private Limited has been co-founded by Dr. Sudesh Kumar and Sh. Satyapal Yadav. Dr. Sudesh Kumar is proficient in the FMCG industry, which helps Kalpamrit’s 100% natural products to be handed over safely to its customers, at reasonable Prices. Sh. Satyapal Yadav is yet another innovative mind, in the expert team of Kalpamrit. His smart business plans and key decisions are the main tools that have led our company to gain a strong foothold in the market. Kalpamrit’s team has also taken up network marketing, hoping for increased customer reach, boost in sales, and further goodwill of the company.

Besides planning for the wellness of our customers, we at Kalpamrit genuinely care about the society that has given us space to operate and has accepted us warmly.

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