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(Code : KI00001084 ) In Stock


A pure and natural zerocalorie sweetener.

Kalpamrit's Madhuamrit is a 100 natural purified extract of the Stevia plant. It is an organic sugarfree sweetener that contains no calories. This popular sugar substitute is a highintensity sweetener, i.e. it is 100300 times sweeter than sugar. It has no effect on insulin levels and is known to monitor blood glucose levels, making it sui for diabetes management. The health benefits of Stevia Plant are meticulously preserved using our hygienic processing system. High in antioxidants, the stevia extract in Kalpamrit's Madhuamrit is a musthave product for those switching to a healthier lifestyle. A zerocalorie sweetener, it aids weight loss and weight management exercises by replacing sugars in your everyday diet. Kalpamrit's Madhuamrit is a healthy, organic substitute to replace sugar instantly.

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