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Our extensive product range

Kalpamrit Marketing Private Limited proudly offers its customers an exclusive assortment of fresh and authentic products. Since our establishment, we have tried to create products that can be used by people of all age groups. Our tagline being ‘Swasth Manav Samrridh Parivar’, we at Kalpamrit try our best to keep you and your entire family full of vigor and vitality. Fromfood supplies to Ayurvedic medicines and ionized belts, socks, and knee braces, household cleaning products Kalpamrit has everything to keep you and your dear ones healthy, safe, and happy.

Being in this health and wellbeing business, Kalpamrit has been single-handedly serving the Ayurvedic medicine, Health Care, Home Care, Personal Care, and Food Product sectors.

The development of Rishi Paithy

Besides serving customers by offering them a wide range of effective, all-natural products, Kalpamrit also has a running chain of wellness center called “Rishi Paithy”. This wellness center focuses on the 5,000cyears old Rishi Tradition and prescribes Ayurvedic medicaments and Yoga as profound treatments of various diseases. It helps customers recover and rejuvenate themselves completely, via the help of Yoga professionals and Ayurvedic medicine experts.

Rishi Paithy is one such wellness center under Kalpamrit Group, which is dedicated to introducing ancient and fully natural ailment procedures, rooted to the Indian culture and tradition. These wellness practices have been concealed in recent years, due to the casual use of allopathic medicines. Rishi Paithy is all set to bring out the goodness of natural practices, like Ayurveda and Yoga proudly enlist them as the most effective form of ailment in today’s world. It plans to diminish the use of harmful pharmaceutical drugs, containing chemicals which lead to prolonged side effects.

Moreover, wellbeing techniques obtained from Yoga and Ayurveda are not just a form of fighting diseases, but also a lifestyle choice. The science behind these highly beneficial practices has been clinically proven to make your bodies function smoothly.

The twisting poses and deep breathing practices of Yoga have been successful in reducing cardiac issues, by controlling blood pressure, anxiety, and depression. It also inserts apt force on your organs, ensuring the smooth flow of hormones, improving digestion, and releasing blocks in the nervous system. While Yoga helps you to relax and harmonizes your mind, soul, and body, Ayurveda helps to strengthen the immune system, increasing its capability to fight diseases. It makes sure that the Tridoshas, Dhatus, and Prakhruti are all working perfectly to make sure you are healthy and happy from within.

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