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(Code : KI00001089 ) In Stock


Benefits of FLAGSI Power Grow
It is an bio activator and helpful for the decay of other organic matter.
It contains large trace of K and natural hormones that strengthen roots and Plant&rsquos over all system.
It lowers Vulnerability against plant pathogen and repels many unwanted pest and Insects.
It improve uptake of nutrients and seed germination and increases yield through abundant harvest.
Reduces the Dependence on commercial fertilizer like DAP, Urea etc.
It increases size of the fruits.
Direction of Use
500ml Power Grow is sufficient for enrich spray over 1 acre of land.
Fruit plants (Mango, Banana, Custardapple, Grape after 15 days of planting.
Spray 3ml/lit of water after 15 days of sowing.
Vege 2ml/lit of water after 15 days of sowing.
Field Crops (Paddy, Pigeon Pea, Wheat, Soyabean, Sunflower) 2ml/lit of water.
Nutritional facts of FLAGSI Power Grow
Nitrogen(N)+P2O5. Potash>3
Amino acid>1.88.
Al+B+Co300 ppm.
I+Mn500800 ppm.


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