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(Code : KI00001098 ) In Stock


An organic allnatural digestive health protein.

Kalpamrit's Jamun Vinegar is a flavorful condiment that builds immunity and health. It has cooling properties and offers several benefits. Popular for diabetes management, Kalpamrit's Jamun Vinegar slows the rise of blood sugar levels in the blood once a meal is consumed. Its intake at bedtime, lowers the morning blood sugar levels. Highly recommended after a highcarb meal, this nutritious vinegar improves appetite and relieves multiple kidney problems. Helpful in treating the symptoms of UTI, it relieves from abdominal and back pain, frequent urination, burning sensation while urinating and also abdominal gas. It is also beneficial to manage jaundice, hyperacidity, migraine, diarrhea and liver diseases. Kalpamrit's Jamun Vinegar is a goto health management product for physical wellness.

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