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An immunity boosting powerhouse of Vitamin C and Calcium,

Kalpamrit's Amla Juice improves metabolism and aids weight loss. It is traditionally used as a treatment for hair fall and greying of hair. Extracted from the choicest Amlas, it cares for the roots of your hair, the tip of your skin and everything in between. Kalpamrit's Amla Juice is packed with Iron, Calcium and Phosphorous, serving as a complete Daily Nutrition Drink for all. It manages diabetes, aids the fight against cancer, enhances the digestive and liver functions, also winning the battle against premature ageing and eyesight deterioration. Amla is known to exfoliate the skin, giving it a healthy glow. It also helps control cold and cough and is a boost to the immune system owing to the presence of Vitamin C. Kalpamrit's Amla Juice is a natural elixir for selfcare and healthy living.

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