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(Code : ALC ) In Stock


&ampampltp&ampampgt When Aloevera meets Indian Spices, it delights the taste buds as a yummy and healthy native to pickles, ketchup or dips.&ampamplt/p&ampampgt &ampampltp&ampampgt Kalpamrit&ampampamprsquos Aloe Vera Chutney is a nutrition boost with the goodness of Aloe Vera, wrapped in a mouthwatering flavor. A tangy surprise for your tastebuds, it finds a place in any meal of the day. Serve with a snack or roll in a Chapati or Paratha. With handpicked fresh tomatoes spiced up in ginger, garlic and onion, it blends the benefits of Aloe Vera in a sweetsavory treat. The waterdense leaves of Aloe Vera are packed with the power of multiple vitamins &ampampampamp minerals. It ensures hydration, aids digestion, helps the liver in the detoxification process and strengthens the health of hair &ampampampamp skin. Kalpamrit&ampampamprsquos Aloe Vera Chutney is your anytime, anywhere taste enhancer, to spice up breakfast, snacks and meals without compromising on your health.&ampamplt/p&ampampgt

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