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When a pinch of Coriander meets everyday meals. It makes cooking more flavorful with its distinct earthy aroma.

Kalpamrit&rsquos Coriander Powder is grounded from full, crisp coriander seeds which are rich in natural oils. This kitchen spice is exquisite in texture, taste, and fragrance and also holds a bounty of health benefits. With antihyperglycemic properties, Kalpamrit&rsquos Coriander Powder helps manage glucose levels and keep diabetes in check. The seeds of coriander are also known to prevent hair fall and facilitate digestion. A source of Vitamin C and antioxidants, it works as a cure for cold and flu. The natural stimulants in the product aids hormonal balance and helps keep the cholesterol levels in check. Kalpamrit&rsquos Coriander Powder is your last minute savior to make any dish more flavorful and aromatic, with just a pinch of the miracle spice.

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